Schedule or Auto shutdown PC at specified time – Freeware for Windows Linux or MAC

Sometimes its always healthy to shutdown your pc if you are not using it. I mean, suppose you are downloading a file that will be completed at an estimated time of say 1 hour. You can avoid sitting in front of the monitor till the download is complete. just use the below freeware software to shutdown the computer automatically after a specific amount of time.

Auto Shutdown for Windows software (freeware) – automatic shutdown

Usage of Auto Shutdown:

1. Set the time.
2. Set the action to be taken.
a.    Shutdown means that the computer will be turned off (after logging off, if needed). Force means that the running applications (if any) will be forced to close themselves). This can be dangerous, is some cases you may loose your data, unsaved documents.
b.    Remind me about means that, when the time will come, a message box will be shown with your message (e.g. “Eggs are ready!”, or “the movie has began!”).
3. If you want, minimize the program (the “Auto Shutdown” program dialog).
4. That’s it. When the time will come, auto shutdown will do the specified job.
Of course, if you close the dialog (the “Auto Shutdown” program), then nothing will happen. Auto Shutdown must be running to work.

Download Auto shutdown for windows

Download Auto Shutdown Genius — For Linux.

Auto Shutdown Firefox Extension: For MAC/Linux or Windows

Auto Shutdown Firefox Plugin

* Executing user scripts after all downloads are finished or computer is idle for specific time
* Play sound after each/All downloads are finished
* Restore Firefox from last session
* Customizable shutdown/idle scripts
* Supporting DownThemAll

Download Autoshutdown Firefox Plugin