Airtel Hack For Free Internet


You need a PC or a Laptop and the required connectivity tools ,ie.,

Serial/USB cable OR Infrared Device OR Bluetooth dongle

1) Activate Airtel Live! ( It’s FREE so no probs)

2) Create TWO Airtel gprs data accounts (yep TWO) and select the

FIRST as the active profile.

3) Connect your mobile to the PC (or Laptop) and install the driver for

your mobile’s modem.

4) Create a new dial-up connection using the NEW CONNECTION Wizard as follows:

Connecting Device : Your mobile’s modem

ISP Name : anyname (anything you like)

Phone Number : *99***3# / Try 99***1

Username and Password : blank

5) Configure your browser and download manager to use the proxy and port 8080.( My advice is to use Opera since you

can browse both wap and regular websites)

6) Connect to the dial-up account. You will be connected at 115.2

kbps (but remember, that is a bad joke).

7) Pick up your mobile and try to access any site. You will get “Access

Denied…”(except for Airtel Live!). IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Keep the mobile down.

8 ) On the PC ( or Laptop) open your browser, enter any address ,

press ENTER and…….WAIT

9) After a few seconds the page will start to load and you have the

Whole Internet at your Disposal.



First Go to settings menu then to connectivity tab now choose the option Data comm. then “DATA ACCOUNTS” go to new account now the settings r as follows



User name: (blank)

Password: (blank)

Now save it


Go to Internet Setting in connectivity here choose intrnet profile–go to new profile setting are As below


CONNECT USING:A1(which was created in data comm.)

Save It

Now you would be able to see it now selest it and take “more” option then select setting here in use proxy option it will be selected no if it is no then change it into yes

Now Go to Proxy address and give the adress as and then the port number as 8080

User name:


Now save all the settings You made . Come back 2 connectivity

choose streaming settings now in connect using option choose a1 that we created leave the use Proxy option as no itself

These are The Settings

now access airtellive! from ur activated SE phone goto VIDEO GALLERY OR VIDEO UNLIMITED(varies according to states) choose live streaming then choose CNBC OR AAJTAK WHILE CONNECTING TO MEDIA SERVER cancel AFTER 9 or 10 sec then type any web adress if it shows access denied then once again select CNBC and wait for a few more sec than before if its fully connected also no prob its free then cancel it or if ur connected then stop it and the internet is ready to take of .GOOD LUCK SE AIRTEL USERS

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