How to use Oracle VM Virtual Box

Here the snapshots of using a Oracle VM Virtual Box for installing Red hat linux(or any other Os) in sequence order are there. please save this image and follow the steps.Now Installation of Red hat Linux

How to Share your Tweets in your Facebook wall

Now a days Twitter and Facebook are the viral social media. We used to share things with our friends and followers, most people update same thing in both Twitter and Facebook. Today i am going to guide you to how to Share your tweets in your facebook wall. Few months before there is an application to integrate tweets in Facebook wall but now Twitter included the Feature in Twitter Web UI itself. Its simple and Easy to Setup your Tweets to share on your Facebook wall.

Step 1:

First Login to the Facebook and Twitter. Then go to Twitter ‘Settings‘.

Step 2:

Click the ‘Profile’ Tab in the settings and you can find the Facebook feature at last.

Step 3:

Click ‘POST YOUR TWEETS TO FACEBOOK‘ button and it will ask your permission to connect the Facebook twitter app with your profile. Just Click “ALLOW

Step 4:

Now its all done, Your Twitter is configured to share the tweets in Facebook.Now Click ‘SAVE‘ and Post a Tweet and go to Facebook and check it will show your Tweet on your Facebook wall. (example screen shot below)Hope you learned how to Share your tweets on your Facebook wall. Why waiting, just connect your Twitter with Facebook and share your Tweets in your Facebook Wall.