How to Share your Tweets in your Facebook wall

Now a days Twitter and Facebook are the viral social media. We used to share things with our friends and followers, most people update same thing in both Twitter and Facebook. Today i am going to guide you to how to Share your tweets in your facebook wall. Few months before there is an application to integrate tweets in Facebook wall but now Twitter included the Feature in Twitter Web UI itself. Its simple and Easy to Setup your Tweets to share on your Facebook wall.

Step 1:

First Login to the Facebook and Twitter. Then go to Twitter ‘Settings‘.

Step 2:

Click the ‘Profile’ Tab in the settings and you can find the Facebook feature at last.

Step 3:

Click ‘POST YOUR TWEETS TO FACEBOOK‘ button and it will ask your permission to connect the Facebook twitter app with your profile. Just Click “ALLOW

Step 4:

Now its all done, Your Twitter is configured to share the tweets in Facebook.Now Click ‘SAVE‘ and Post a Tweet and go to Facebook and check it will show your Tweet on your Facebook wall. (example screen shot below)Hope you learned how to Share your tweets on your Facebook wall. Why waiting, just connect your Twitter with Facebook and share your Tweets in your Facebook Wall.

Get Your Old Facebook Chat back

Facebook, the biggest social network site updated many features like video call and now it changed its chat features as Sidebar chat, but its really annoying the users. We can’t see who are online, it will just show our few friends who are we interact most, it will be most irritating one for who have more number of friends. Its really simple script you have to install in your Browser to get your Old Facebook chat. Lets see how to get back our Favorite Facebook chat.

How to Install Old Facebook Chat Script in Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, First we need to install Grease Monkey Add-on before installing the Old Facebook Script. So Open the Firefox and go to Download page of the Grease Moneky Add-on from the following link. Click here to go to Gease Monkey Add-on Download page. In the Download page Click ‘Add To Firefox’ button.After clicking ADD TO FIREFOX button, the popup will ask about installation. Click INSTALL and Its done.

Now Gease Monkey Add-on is Installed. Now Click here to go to Script Page in the Script Page click Install button which is in the Right top, same as we did above for How to get Old Facebook chat for Google Chrome.

After installing Close the Facebook and Open it again to see the Old Facebook chat is available. if you can’t find, Clear the cache files and try again. Anytime you can remove this script from Gease Monkey add-on to get the New sidebar chat box.

How to Install Old Facebook Chat Script in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, its really easy task to install the script to enable the Old facebook chat. Just Click the Following link to install Script. CLICK HERE TO GO TO DOWNLOAD SCRIPT PAGE. In the Script page Click ‘INSTALL’ button which is in the Top Right side of the page.Now the Install Popup will appear, in that box CLICK ‘INSTALL’ and now the Script is Installed.Now the Script is Installed. Now Close the Existing Facebook page and Open the Facebook again. You can See your Old Favorite Chat is available. If you cant see the old facebook chat, Clear the cache and open the facebook. Anytime you can remove this script from extension menu of the Google chrome to get the New sidebar chat box.

How to Hack Facebook Chat

Here is step by step tutorial that explains how to hack facebook chat application . Using this hack you’ll be able to chat and browse other pages.

1) Log in to your facebook account

2) Type into the address bar3) Bookmark this page , you can give any name , in this example i give chat4) Right click on saved bookmark and go to Properties5)Check load this bookmark in the sidebar and click on Save Changes6) Launch saved bookmark . Now you can chat and browse other pages at the same time.

Facebook Mail service launching Today(22Nov2010)

Facebook has launched a facebook mail service, It has been called Gmail killer by many tech experts, The Facebook’s founder Mark zuckerburg said that Facebook mail service will allow you to contact people in a “seamless, informal, immediate, personal, simple, minimal and short




How to Get Facebook Social Messaging Invitation

Facebook mailing service is currently open for invite-only so therefore you need to wait until some one invites you, Alternatively you can just drop in a request for an invitation at the Facebook website. You can get to the request page using the following URL.

Facebook mail service will launch on 22Nov2010, According to Techcrunch Facebook’s planned email service was part of a secret project known as ‘Project Titan,’ which is “unofficially referred to internally as its ‘Gmail killer.’”

The new Facebook email will fully integrate the social network, using the working model of the network of friends.

How to unblock Friends on facebook?

If you have accidentally blocked a Facebook freind and are looking for a way to unblock a facebook freind then you are in the right place, Just follow the steps mentioned below to unblock friends on facebook!

Unblock Friends on Facebook

1.Sign into your Facebook account.

2. Click on the Account option and a drop down menu will appear, Now Click on Privacy settings.

3. Now at the bottom you will see Block list option, Click on Edit your list.

4. This will display all the facebook friends you have previously blocked, Now click on the unblock option in front of the facebook freind you want to unblock.


Hidden Facebook chat emoticons and Smiley

I am posting  a chart on Hidden Facebook chat emoticonsust copy the codes below and insert in to facebook chat and smileys will appear.




Emoticons Animation on Facebook Status Message

Status animations is an application of Facebook that can be used for Status Message Emoticons and Animation, called as Status Emotions and Animations (just click the link and hit “go to Application” )