How to Edit PDF Files For Free

According to Google today there are over 450 million+ Pdf files available online, The reason why they are so popular because they are smaller in size than the source document and can easily preserve the original formatting

PDF files are read only by default but there are some methods through which we can edit PDF files, There are lots of Paid softwares claiming to edit Pdf files but why to go for them as we have a free alternatives

How to Edit PDF Files For Free

Here is how you can edit PDF files for free:


PDfill is a small software for windows which can create, update and merge existing PDF files for free, it requires Java runtime to work

2.Open Office Toolbox

Open office toolbox also includes support for annotations, shapes, images, tables, charts, etc


Inkscape is a very popular PDF editing software With Inkscape, you can select any object on a PDF page including text, graphics, tables, etc.

Customize your Firefox with useful Add-ons!

This post deals with a few useful Firefox Add-ons, which makes your Firefox more comfortable than before.

Tiny Menu:

If you are not using the menu bar frequently and you feel that the menu bar is occupying more space in your browser, then you can shrink it with this add-on. It will help to replace the standard menu bar in Firefox with a single popup icon in the menu bar. Customization on menu to be collapsed can also be made simple with its option.

IE Tab:

For some web pages, we still have to use internet explore so we have to change the browser to continue with it, but now it very easy with IE tab in Firefox. Single click will change the Firefox tab into IE tab and you can continue browsing with it without any disturbance.

Convert Web Pages to PDF:

No more tiring HTML formats for saving web page! With this add-on, web pages can be saved in PDF format. This add-on can be also used as PDF management tool in Firefox. Sometimes opening PDF files in low bandwidth makes Firefox crash but this add-on will provide the pop up option to save or open, using which the PDF file can be downloaded.

Tab Popup:

This add-on pop up displays the tab content on doing a mouse-over, which enables us to see what’s inside the page. So, no need to switch between tabs until pages are completely downloaded. Pop up size of the tab is customizable.


It adds a screen before Firefox opens up. Any image, text or audio file can be used in the splash screen to “welcome” you.

Extended Status Bar:

This add-on provides images, speed, percentage, time and loaded size of the web page.