In some places such as schools, offices or cafes there are sites like Facebook, Friendster, Youtube and others are deliberately blocked by the admin with a specific reason. But with a little trick, We can access or open the blocked sites. Here are some steps:

1. Using the IP address
Every time we browse the Internet almost all of them typing the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) such as google.com, youtube.com. URL used to distinguish a web address and of course all sites have a URL that is not the same, except that the URL can facilitate internet users to remember the web address on the internet. But the computer does not understand the format like a URL, the computer can only read the IP address to be able to access and communicate with each other website on the internet.

Sometimes sites are blocked sites are stored URL address or just block the URL address just so that if accessed through its IP address can still be open. To find the IP address of a website we can ping a website via command prompt, once known IP addresses, type the IP address into the browser.

2. Redirect URL via urlShortener service
Convert a site URL address in block with short URL services like SnipURL, goo.gl, or bit.ly. This trick can bypass the blocking admin setting.

3. Using the online Proxy
Some sites provide free proxy service which we can access the website through their servers, the most frequent site I use is hidemyass.com. Although it’s free but not disappointing.

4. Using a proxy in your browser
Lots of sites that released a list of proxies from various countries. To get the proxy list that can fit in looking at samair.ru, select one of the proxy. Open firefox-> click tools-> select options-> select advanced-> select the network-> click the settings button-> Connection Settings window will appear select Manual proxy configuration: -> enter the IP address of the proxy and its port and press OK.