J-Virus List

J&M.A virus
Jabo.A virus
Jack.A virus
Jackal virus
Jacky.1040 virus
Jade virus
Jadis.3584 virus
Jadtre!generic.A virus
Jahlav virus
Jahlav Family virus
Jaja.A virus
Jal.A virus
Jamie.A virus
Jampork.A virus
Jan800 virus
Jank virus
Jantic.A virus
Jap Xmas.Cookie virus
Jap Xmas.Merry virus
Jasmine.A virus
Jater virus
JavaKiller virus
JavaSillyDlJava.A virus
Javel.512 virus
JB.A virus
JBellz virus
JBGRC.A virus
JBot.A virus
JDBGMGR.EXE Hoax virus
JDC.6891 virus
Jedan.A virus
Jeefo.A virus
Jeem virus
Jeepwarz virus
Jelly.A:intended virus
Jerk.A virus
JS.Inor.A virus
JS.Istbar.B virus
JS.Downloader.ABN virus
JS.ForcePopup.D virus
Jeefo.A virus
Japadesu.exe virus
Jhxm32.dll virus
Jsne87fidgf.dll virus
J3ewro.exe virus
Javaupd.exe virus
Juborafe.dll virus
J50lfd.exe virus
Jr6.com virus
Judobida.exe virus
Jmmark2.dat virus
Jeorels.cmd virus

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