R-Virus List

R0nnvssvjc.exe virus
Reged.exe virus
Rijedatu.dll virus
Rn.tmp virus
Rtv_winupd.exe virus
Runhh6110411.exe virus
Rasesnet.tmp virus
Releasexp.exe virus
Ritibiji.dll virus
Roytctm.exe virus
Retapu.D virus
Relevant.A virus
Rechnung.A@mm virus
Randon.I virus
Refoav.A@mm virus
Rachel.A virus
Runapp.exe virus
Runpf.exe virus
Rbj9jn1n.bat virus
Reset5c.dll virus
Rkgnd.exe virus
Rpcnetp.dll virus
Rundll33.exe virus
Rvlksh.exe virus
Reader_s.exe virus
Rays.H virus
Rbot virus
Rebbew (A,B,C,D) virus
Rhydqq.exe virus
Rlservice.exe virus
Rpcnetp.exe virus
Rundll40.exe virus
Rx.exe virus
Renos.PHMe virus
Rootkit.Indag.A virus
RXToolbar virus
Rodok.A virus
Redlof.A virus
Rexli.A@mm virus
Rezak.A@mm virus
Rede.A@mm virus

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