U-Virus List

U0riu2.exe virus
Ucln.exe virus
Ukfbi3aw.exe virus
Uogmu.dat virus
Ur0.com virus
Uxkl0apt.bat virus
U92.exe virus
Uesiuqcr.exe virus
Ukvr.bat virus
Updtic.exe virus
Userinit.exe virus
Uytgl.exe virus
Uacylwsvguxkkhmdfh.dll virus
Ugxiluyn.sys virus
Uluqw.exe virus
Uqoca.exe virus
Userload.exe virus
Uccspecb.sys virus
Uhoxajc.cmd virus
Undlh.exe virus
Uqrke8412012.exe virus
Uvsqfgwd.cmd virus
Updatr.A@mm virus

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